Vortexted in Sedona

Simply put, Sedona is a mystical land of magical, glorious, wonder. If you search for Arizona online chances are you’ll stumbled upon some lovely pics like this… Or this… …showcasing the spectacle that is Sedona. If you can’t tell I’m really hyped up about this little piece of heaven. There are multiple reasons for my adoration of this lovely place. Firstly, I flippin’ love rocks. … Continue reading Vortexted in Sedona


Go to Phoenix they said, it will be fun, they said. Alright, they weren’t wrong. However, whoever said that didn’t suffer the fate of travelling to Arizona in the dead-heat of summer. With temperatures soaring up to 110 degrees, our pasty Wisconsinite bodies weren’t quite sure what they were in for. After purchasing a bottle of jumbo sized sunscreen and a case of water for … Continue reading Phoenix